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"Etiquette is more important than a handshake.

It's a code for the way things are done."

-Sean Connery

BBW Redhead NYC


Treat me with respect and our time will be extraordinary.

I am a lady, and I expect you to act like a gentleman.


Please ensure that you are showered.

Please do not wear any strong scents.

You are always welcome to use the incall to shower or freshen up.

The cleaner you are the more enthusiastic I am!


My consideration should be in an unsealed envelope.

Please do not make me ask for my patronage - it is not ladylike.
Patronage is for my time and companionship only.


Your privacy is the cornerstone of my business.  

Below are the following screening options:

  • LinkedIn connection with my private, discreet screening profile.

  • Work Email - A blank email sent from your work email account. This must be linked to a legitimate company website with your name and photo listed, no gmail, yahoo, etc. You will not receive a response to your work account email.  It is a discreet email address.

  • I may also request a copy of your government ID.

  • You are welcome to include references but I do not use them as a primary screening method.  

Etiquette Lana van Dam


A gift is never expected, but is always appreciated.

Sending or bringing a gift of any size really sets the tone nicely for a lovely date.

It’s the thought that counts, and even a gift card or tip is so thoughtful!

wish list

My Wishlist is on Throne -

My wishlist has items of all price points - it's truly the thought that counts.

gift cards

When in doubt you can always get me a gift card if you'd like. 

Amex, Sephora, Doordash, Nordstrom, Rescue Spa, Aire Baths, & 1stdibs

Lana van Dam BBW Companion NYC


frequently asked questions

What do you love about being a companion?


It allows me to combine what I truly love – connection, intimacy, & sharing amazing, unique experiences. Giving you the space to be your truest self brings me great joy. My background and life experiences allow me to fit well into any setting we may choose to explore together. Whether we're at a spa or the Phillies game, I just really love experiencing life with you.  Sensuality and laughter are the best medicine.

where are you located?  


I was born in Philly and I'm based in Philly.  However, I am available via train to NYC and DC - it's super easy and romantic as well.  I have also begun touring occasionally to Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco.  I do stay mostly in Philly and New York, though, so if you'd like to see me in another city your best bet is to bring me to you via FMTY or TMTY, or you can also pay attention to my announcements on Twitter @misslanavandam

what kind of music do you listen to?

I like to listen to a variety of music.  My favorite kinds are old school hip hop from the 90's like Talib Kweli and Mos Def as well as Gangstarr.  I also like Kendrick Lamar, J Dilla, J. Cole, etc.  Lots.  I love the Kills, Pixies, LCD Soundsystem, Sylvan Esso, and more.  I'm always excited to learn about new artists, but I have a soft spot for old school.  


what do you like to do in your spare time?

During my spare time I like to watch documentaries, go out to eat with friends, go shopping, go to the spa, go for walks around the city and along the water, and go to museums and such.  I'm a very low key person.  I do like going to sporting events, and I love going to the botanical gardens as well.  I also collect vintage jewelry and absolutely love going to museums and design shops.

where are you from?  do you like traveling?


 I was born in Philadelphia & I am based here!  I love to travel, but I love traveling well!  I enjoy exploring cities all over.  One of my favorite things is to go swimming in pools all over - I love resorts so much.  I can't wait to explore all over the world.   The south of France has been my favorite so far, but perhaps we can find somewhere even more amazing together!

How do you dress?

I typically dress in a feminine, understated & classic manner – a tad preppy. I prefer not to be flashy – it’s just not my personal style. I like to fly under the radar while still looking lovely.  I also rock jeans and t shirts equally well.  Let me know if you'd prefer a dress or jeans - that's my only allowed outfit request!  Haha.  No matter where we are I'll look lovely and the only eyebrows we'll raise is by snort laughing at a retro reference.

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